Savvy Shears Fine shears, sharpening and education

Shear Convenience offers high quality hair cutting shears for Hair Stylists and Barbers. We are direct importers and offer mobile sharpening and sharpening by mail.

At Savvy Shears and  Shear Convenience Sharpening, we are focused on providing  sharpening and repair services at the highest levels of customer satisfaction

We care about your shears and your investment in them!

As an educator at the hair shows, I teach all about the different types of shears, their purposes and shear care and maintenance.

I am a stylist who knows how shears should feel and cut. I am a technician that sharpens ONLY styling shears, not knives axes and tools.

I sharpen by hand to make your shear edge factory fresh, then finish and buff that edge with a machine made specifically for styling shears.

I want your shears to last, I will groom your edge, removing the minimum amount of metal to make shears factory sharp.

I take my time to make the shears as good as new, including cleaning oiling adjusting and replacing worn or missing parts.