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Sharpening by Mail.

Wrap shears in protective wrap such as bubble wrap, newspaper or a protective case.

We advise using a padded mailer envelope, available at the post office. The cost of mailing them generally runs about $2.50

Enclose a money order or personal check, in the amount of $30.00 for each shear.  Be sure to include all current information as well as your contact Information.

Enclose any special concerns or care needed for your scissors.

The $30.00 fee includes your return postage.

Your shears will be sharpened and sent back promptly.  Usual turnaround time is one week.

Mail to:

Tracy Lilly

Shear Convenience

15001 35th Ave. W


 Lynnwood, WA 98087

Feel free to call with any questions.  702/505-3590

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